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To make room for light, opt for the pergola!

To make room for light, opt for the pergola!

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How about enjoying the garden in all weathers? To savor the pleasures of the outdoors without the drawbacks, we have unearthed the pergola that changes everything: a design structure, light and ultra-resistant that protects from the elements without blocking the light. Zoom on the Luminov pergola, the outdoor layout that gives style to the terrace.

Light on the pergola

The pergola, you dream of it ... provided you do not plunge the house into darkness under the pretext of shading the terrace. Good news, the challenge is taken up hands down (or the blind!) By the Luminov pergola. The principle ? A light metal structure supporting a Securit® laminated glass roof transparent and solid. Thanks to it, the pergola lets in a maximum of light into the interior of the house, while offering resistant protection, easy to maintain and completely waterproof. Result, you can enjoy the terrace without complex even in rainy weather, well sheltered from the pergola whose glass dampens noise. The sun bangs? We lower them pleated roof blinds in two steps three movements, by hand or with a cane. Perfect for a lazy day or a lunch in the shade ... or, quite simply, to avoid the summer heat from heating the house too quickly!

A design asset for the terrace

With its sleek aluminum structure, the Luminov pergola adapts to all facades. At the same time discreet and contemporary, airy and solid, it adds a design note to the house as to the terrace. And what could be more pleasant than sunbathing or dining al fresco in a chic and practical setting? The icing on the pergola, the roof blinds also combine advantages. Their two complementary faces combine a decorative fabric on the visible side, a blackout fabric on the sky side. Simple and elegant, therefore, to easily manage the streams of light without compromising on style!

How about customizing the pergola?

It is efficient, it is elegant, and it is customizable: if we adore the Luminov pergola by Véranda Gustave Rideau, it is (also) because it was designed by a veranda pro to adapt to our desires . Imagine, they are available in all lacquering colors possible to be forgotten on a facade ... or on the contrary, to assert oneself as a strong piece on a terrace. Black for modernity, white for sweetness, red for good humor, each one has a pergola! And why not Somfy® motorized microperforated facade blinds, to protect and ventilate at the same time? Unless glazing all or part of the sides of the pergola with opaque or transparent walls, in order to cut the wind and obscure the vis-à-vis… Without forgetting to customize the cornices with a range of five finishing models, or add LED strips which transform the pergola into a fairyland of light at nightfall. When we tell you that the Luminov pergola is customizable, we should rather say that it is tailor-made: in the end, it only looks like its owners. Other photos: © Groupe Gustave Rideau