How often should you wash your towels?

How often should you wash your towels?

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If the bacteria could speak, they would thank us for not washing our towels more often. And if they could speak, we would probably change the towel after each drying. The right cleaning rhythm is therefore probably in between for clean and healthy towels without bleaching them every day!

The right rhythm for washing towels

We tell you the good news right away: the vast majority of us don't wash our towels often enough. Since ideally wash a towel after three uses, at most, in other words after three showers or baths. This, only for those whose bathroom is healthy and well ventilated, in which the wet towel can therefore dry quickly and above all, entirely. For the others ? Believe it or not, in this case you should change your towel after each use. In theory, the bacteria on our towels come from our own body. Nothing to panic about, so if they wanted to hurt us, we would probably have noticed it before. Why go after wash bath towels, in that case ? Because once the bacteria are transferred to the towel, they grow. And that's where things get tough.

Why wash your towels more often?

Watch out, not for the faint-hearted. Remember that a good drying with a terry towel is to recover everything lying around on the body and even after the shower, we are talking about a cocktail of dead cells, hair, fungi, saliva and intimate secretions, to name them nicely. Now a towel is a real paradise for all these happy bacteria: thick, damp, warm, and generally stored in a bathroom just as humid and just as warm. Result, bacteria flourish ... and wiping with an unwashed towel is more or less rubbing the body with bacteria from the day before or last week. Worst ? Use someone else's bath towel is like coating someone else's bacteria, which our body is not used to this time. Difficult to say if the thing is really dangerous, according to specialists. But to sum up their conclusion with scientific rigor, the game is not worth the candle.

What tips for washing your bath towel?

Beware of softeners and ultra-perfumed detergents! To find out if it's time to wash a bath towel, the most reliable indicator is smell: if a towel smells, it goes straight to the basket. Or the softener can mask the odors of humidity and disturb the exercise, in addition to reducing the absorbency of the towel. Better two tablespoons of white vinegar with detergent, an economical and ecological solution for soft and clean towels! The extra thing? We wash them hot cycle bath towels, 60 or 90 ° C, and they are thoroughly dried after each wash and each use. If possible in direct sunlight, bacteria hate it.