Metal takes over the garden

Metal takes over the garden

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In the garden, you have the choice concerning the materials! And among them, metal is omnipresent thanks to its aesthetics and its many qualities. A quick overview of metal garden furniture.

Original furniture

The metal furniture creates many atmospheres. Depending on the model chosen, you can get a bistro, romantic or even industrial style! For a bistro style, opt for practical furniture that recalls that of café terraces. If you prefer a romantic style, you will have to opt for sinuous lines, arabesques and why not flowers. Finally, the industrial style will be created by furniture with a very raw spirit and clean lines. Be aware that you will find both metal-colored furniture and furniture painted in extravagant colors.

Indisputable qualities

Metal allows great freedom in the creation of furniture. This material thus offers elaborate models that plastic or resin could not have made possible. On the other hand, metal maintains very well! Indeed, it resists frost and high heat. To give it a new lease of life, it will be enough to strip the furniture and repaint it with specialized products. Know that metal furniture will have a long and beautiful life in your garden or on your terrace. Discover our selection of garden furniture. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"