Smart bathroom storage

Smart bathroom storage

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Take a bath or shower, brush your teeth, shave, make up and sometimes even wash and dry your laundry: the bathroom is a small multifunctional space in which it is essential to use discreet, practical and well adapted. Because every morning and every evening, we spend a long time in the bathroom, it is essential that this place, despite its small size, be pleasant to live in. Let it be said, a tidy bathroom is more comfortable! Zoom on the essential storage of the second favorite piece of the French.

Storage below the sink and behind the mirror

Whether you dress up to go to work, or brush your teeth after dinner, there is nothing more practical than having your beauty products, toothbrush or shaving accessories. on hand. Their ideal storage is therefore below and above the sink, with a shelf of one or two shelves under the sink while the mirror above the sink discreetly conceals a mini cupboard for small accessories. In a bathroom that you want to renovate, it is better to equip yourself with a piece of furniture sold as a block specifically designed for this arrangement.

Laundry storage

To store towels without invading the space, several ideas are good to take, that they are placed high in wall cubes, in shelves or cupboards more or less high, open or closed according to taste and place available, or in a trunk as a bench. Without forgetting that the bathroom is, for a large number, the room where we wash and where we dry clothes. Regarding dirty laundry, it is stored in bins, preferably opaque so that this clutter is discreet. Some are even in the shape of a washing machine, for a more decorative and fun side. You can also opt for baskets, but in this case, it is better to make them disappear visually: high above the shelves or inside a cupboard.

Storage in the shower and bathtub area

Besides the shampoo holders to hang in the shower, the washing area can become an asset in terms of storage when you have a bathtub. Indeed, it is then possible for you to invest the wall of a wall shelf to dispose of some beauty products or bath towels. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"