Design and recycling: when opposites attract ...

Design and recycling: when opposites attract ...

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Contrary to popular belief, design and recycling go well together! The proof with the decorative novelties that integrate used materials while offering very futuristic lines. Before filling your garbage cans, think about decoration and save your fabrics, wood, plastic, papers, cans and crippled furniture. Everything is good for recovery! If you do not have the creative fiber to reuse your waste, the decorative signs have it for you and offer beautiful objects and accessories in recycled materials. A quick tour of the design-recuperate trend.

The art of recycling

Recycling is a gesture that is slowly starting to enter our daily lives. Why not adopt it as decoration? A recycled object is unique and allows you to personalize your decor, while bringing it a "home made" touch. In France, with 450 kg of household waste per person per year, there is no shortage of free raw materials. Like the blogger Caroline ( and her boot lights, make your own decor! With a little imagination, used objects and a few notions of DIY, you can easily create your coat hooks, lamps, cushions, photo frames… and step into the shoes of a fashionable designer! Crates, capsules, bottles, cans, camembert boxes, wine boxes, egg cartons… Everyday objects quickly take on a different look when they are customized and assembled in style. It's yours !

Decorative signs are also getting started!

If you lack creativity, you can turn to decorative brands and associations that offer a wide choice of recycled objects. For a long time, people in poor countries have been recycling and imagining very original decorative objects. These products are now available on the Internet or in certain specialized shops (EX & Terra, Marron Rouge, etc.) which have an ethical and united approach. The sites, or are the specialists in the genre and offer a varied and original choice of deco-recovery. More traditional brands are also riding this trend. Seats, tables, screens, lights ... 1001 objects that bring a touch of authenticity and fantasy to our decor!

Two styles to mix without moderation

Do not hesitate to mix recycled and design objects for a warm and unique interior. It's up to you to choose original pieces, with a touch of humor, for an ethical and futuristic decor that suits you! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"