12 ideas for a decoration in the stars

12 ideas for a decoration in the stars

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The stars are no longer confined to the ephemeral Christmas decoration. They settle permanently in our interiors and bring their share of dreams all year round. On garlands, stickers, cushions, crockery ... discover our selection in pictures of new decorative items with star patterns.

Head in the stars

The star finds its place naturally glued to the ceiling or suspended from the wall. By recreating a starry sky on the ceiling, success is assured in the child's room. Raw and natural materials at Les Petites Emplettes brand, with a gray felt garland.

Guided by the stars

The star is also light. A night light for the little ones at Atelier des Pieds des Ailes, with a sticker model "My good star", full of poetry. To illuminate your tables, the star is a candle, especially on the site Ikea also offers star lanterns, in different colors, to decorate the garden.


The star is also a recurring motif on the cushions, especially at Little Little with colorful models for the living room or bedroom. It is also found on small decorative accessories, such as star mushrooms from Annabel Kern ... and even on dishes, as evidenced by the Greengate collection. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"