Rowenta Naturalis Test: Beauty and the Beast

Rowenta Naturalis Test: Beauty and the Beast

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Once is not custom, I finally had the right to test a product related to cosmetics. "Rââââââ" (satisfaction rattle). Someone has finally heard my silent plea for this blatant injustice. Why am I never offered a hair dryer, straighteners or even epilators when I'm dying to do so and waffle hair removal is strongly discouraged? Why ? Injustice repaired therefore thanks to Rowenta who entrusted me with its brand new device dedicated to the manufacture of homemade cosmetics, the Naturalis. This test still makes me burn steps since a few months ago I did not even know what was used for an eye area (since I know it is for the eye area in fact).
We therefore start from far away to get very high: create our own beauty products. Risk level, so I was a little apprehensive. It is as if we asked an amateur of the Bergues football club to participate in Euro 2012. But as the other would say "It is very dangerous but I will still do it". To find out exactly what can be in the box when you buy the Naturalis, I invite you to watch the video I produced: Now that you have seen (I hope), let's go to the impressions and the test at properly speaking.

The quest for ingredients

Even if Rowenta makes it easier for you with its starter kit, know that this is just a drop in the ocean of ingredients that you will need to get yourself. Initially I wanted to try two recipes but after launching research in the organic supermarket, the non-organic supermarket, and the pharmacy, organic and not organic, I finally abandoned my quest for the rare bird, that is to say the vegetable glycerin necessary for the manufacture of cleansing milk. The observation is clear and I invite you to follow these precepts if you start in home cosmetics: on the web you will buy and thoughtful purchases you will make. Normally I understand that thoughtful acts and cosmetics do not mix well but given the price of the ingredients necessary for the manufacture of beauty products, we avoid throwing ourselves on anything that smells good because the prices are up to par of the challenge. We therefore start soft with smells and products which we like to use in industrial cosmetics and we use it for several treatments in order to make a minimum profit. It seems like a beginner's mistake to invest in too many ingredients.

Homemade liquid soap test

As I said, my double test became a simple test, for lack of ingredients. So I focused on the liquid soap based on Marseille soap, sweet almond oil and ylang-ylang essence. The video test is available just below:

Good points

The real good point of this machine is that once the ingredients are obtained, there is nothing simpler. Your manipulations are only to put the right doses in the tank which is accessible to everyone, even those with two left hands. Thanks to the recipes, there is no scientific calculation to be made, nor chemical reformulation. We follow the instructions and the machine does the rest. Even traumatized chemistry students like me can use it. The other advantage is to have a device specially dedicated to home cosmetics. We are not going to tinker with various containers, a kitchen mixer or pots that will end up in the trash. As in addition, the appliance has a cleaning program (I would not say self-cleaning since the program consists of heating the appliance with water and washing-up liquid in the tank), maintenance is easy and the kitchen or bathroom stays clean.


For faults, I was a little disoriented with the start of the device since the button lights up but so dimly that in full light we do not see it. At first, therefore, I thought that the device was not working, so there should have been more light on the buttons. As you can see from the video, I had trouble lifting the cover at the end of the program, no doubt because of the heat which created a suction cup effect. Finally, the last negative point concerns certain recipes provided in the booklet. For example, we have a beautiful skin mask for the face, the quantity of which is 230 ml, which is for immediate use because it does not contain a preservative. Unless you invite 40 girlfriends home to have a cosmetic evening, a good part of the mask will therefore end up in the trash (which is a crime of lese majesty given the price of the ingredients). Other recipes are unfortunately in the same scenario and as we do not dare too much (at least I do not dare too much) modify the doses to arrive at a relevant quantity, we put these recipes aside.

The verdict

Considering the initial investment of 200 € (without counting the ingredients), you really need to be sure to use this device regularly. In my opinion everything will play out on the future users of Naturalis: if Rowenta succeeds the bet of regularly proposing new recipes on the Internet, of animating and bringing to life a community around this device, there is undoubtedly a great success at stake. Given that there are already a large number of followers of homemade cosmetics on the Internet, I think that half the way is done, all that remains is to convince and pamper this population. Naturalis, Rowenta, € 199