Video: create a plant table

Video: create a plant table

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Inviting nature into the house to feel inside and out is trendy! Why not do it with a plant table? But instead of choosing one from the shelves of a store, offers you to create one at home. Make way for a fun and nature workshop that will delight your children.

Watch the video :

Level: way Completion time : 30 minutes Indicative cost: 30 € Necessary material : a decorative shoe box + a cardboard frame + sphagnum + 5 metal pots + 5 small green plants (nertera, helxine, ivy, peperomia…)

Steps :

- Trace the outline of a pot on the back of a decorative box - Cut out the mark drawn using a cutter, being careful - Place a first pot, then proceed in the same way to create other locations for pots - Dip sphagnum in water and place it at the bottom of each pot (sphagnum is a foam allowing plants to be kept upright because it keeps moisture) - Install the plants in the pots - Pack the earth to get a good hold - Cut double-sided adhesive and place it on the back of the cardboard frame that is glued on the box so as to create a "picture" effect - Proceed in the same way to stick a piece of wood on the cardboard box, small final decoration note Decorative tip: space the pots to balance the weight of the soil and vary the plants to play on the volumes and shades of green. As for maintenance, spray the soil only once a week by lifting the plants. Creation and flowers: Watercolor