Chic, geometric patterns

Chic, geometric patterns

Stars of the 50s and 60s, geometric patterns appeared in decoration during the post-war period. Modernity and color are therefore an integral part of the interiors, launched by a desire for consumption and renewal. Clean style and graphics are king, popularized by famous designers of the time. Today, triangles, diamonds, squares and more are making a comeback. They spread by small touches or in total look in our interiors for a graphic, contrasted or completely psychedelic atmosphere!

A vintage look… or downright modern!

Retro or modern, the geometric pattern gives a very particular decorative style, it all depends on the angle from which it is considered! Associated with bright colors (red, blue, yellow, green) and vintage furniture, the geometric pattern fits into a "Mad Men" decor for a very retro look. It can be found on the wallpaper ( or offer pretty models) or even various accessories (cushions, tables…). For a more current atmosphere, we do not hesitate to display patterns with imposing proportions and pop colors for a successful graphic effect. If you want to create contrasts, black and white is ideal!

How to integrate them into your decor?

The large geometric pattern stimulates, gives an impression of action, of awakening. It is perfect for a playroom, hallway or kitchen, but is not ideal for a reading room for example. In general, places dedicated to relaxation such as the bedroom are not recommended because the geometric patterns are all external stimuli! The geometric pattern will, however, be your ally to create style effects and erase the flaws of a room. Aligning a pattern changes the style and helps camouflage irregularities. Conversely, a geometric pattern on a wall that is not perfectly straight will increase the effect of non-uniformity thereof. For a feeling of ceiling height, a vertical pattern is ideal. The horizontal pattern will produce the opposite effect. In general, patterns are to be used sparingly and cleverly. They draw attention to a part of the room and are perfect for hiding less attractive places. However, be careful not to over-dispatcher: beware of visual overload! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"