Original switches to decorate walls

Original switches to decorate walls

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Here is a new way to bring a decorative touch to your walls: bet on unusual switches that will be as many miniature paintings!

Switches for all styles

What if your switches completed your decor with very original colors and patterns? This is now possible thanks to switches that feature polka dots, urban patterns such as the Statue of Liberty, vegetables to adapt to kitchens ... This type of decor will bring out your switches and give them style. But if you prefer on the contrary that these disappear in the wall, bet on coatings which approach that of your wall or materials used in construction: wood, metal, concrete…

An easy to implement system

Know that to make your interiors decorative, it's very simple. There are two solutions available to you. You can change the entire switch in the traditional way. If you do not want to change them, choose an adhesive which is posed on the switch in order to cover it. Discover our selection of very decorative switches.