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Maintain your sofa

Maintain your sofa

Fabric sofa or leather sofa, so that it lasts in the best conditions, it is better to give it the best care. Instructions for maintaining your sofa.

Regularly maintain your fabric sofa

If your fabric sofa is removable, no problem: just remove the cover and wash it or take it to the dry cleaners for a good cleaning. Otherwise, a few rules apply. To start, dust your sofa every week using the vacuum cleaner hose (avoid using the appliance brush, its contact is not very hygienic) or a very soft bristle brush. Once a year, thoroughly clean the fabric. To do this, use a liquid shampoo that you will buy in a drugstore or on the Internet. There are also specific cleaning kits and even dry foams (like a kind of dry shampoo). Before cleaning, make a test on an invisible part of the sofa to check the color and fiber hold.

Remove a stain on a fabric sofa

Whatever the stain, start by sponging without rubbing (to avoid spreading the stain) with paper towels. If you are rubbing very gently, proceed from the outside to the inside. Then use a specific stain remover (Rubigine, Dr. Beckmann). First try a hidden part of the sofa. You can also talk to your dyer and possibly rent a water injection / extraction machine from him, generally very effective in cleaning and detaching the fabric from a sofa.

Maintain your leather sofa regularly

Dust your leather sofa every week using a vacuum cleaner (using the minimum power), a soft bristle brush, a chamois or a slightly damp microfiber cloth. For annual cleaning, the simplest solution is to use water and Marseille soap. It is efficient, inexpensive and ecological, and it does not affect the patina or the suppleness of leather. Be light-handed, however. If that is not enough, add a few drops of white vinegar to your cloth, then rinse immediately. Another solution: pass baby milk or cleansing milk with a cotton pad in circles. Or else, use a cleaning kit bought in drugstores or on the Internet.

Removing a stain on a leather sofa

First, wipe the stain immediately with a soft cloth so as not to allow the product to penetrate the leather. Then, if necessary, use a stain remover recommended by professionals like Valmour. An alternative is the use of baby toilet milk which cleans at the same time as it nourishes the leather. Finally, a grandmother's tip: mount the egg whites and mix them with lemon juice, then apply this mixture using a cloth on the leather of the sofa in circles. Whichever method you use, always try it out on a hidden part of your sofa beforehand. And to prevent future stains, spray your leather sofa with a TexGuard type waterproofing product. Finally, in the event of a (slight) burn on the leather, gently wipe it with a pumice stone and then dab the leather with a cloth soaked in oil. Then wax with a shoe polish of the same color. Decorative ideas, photos and advice around the sofa: How to choose your sofa, mistakes to avoid and choice of cushions.