Light curtains to let in light

Light curtains to let in light

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When the beautiful days arrive, we are naturally in search of the sun and the light. In our interior, everything is played out through our windows which light up our rooms. If the curtains are intended primarily to protect us from the outside, we also appreciate in some cases that they add a decorative touch without preventing the light from passing. Small spaces, window on street, orientation of the room, there are many reasons for wanting light curtains. Here are some tips for choosing them.

What use for a light curtain?

As the light curtain does not obscure the light, it will be perfect for all living rooms that lack light. On the ground floor, and particularly for apartments, the light curtain will be a good compromise between the need for privacy and the search for clarity. If you have shutters or are not afraid of daylight at sunrise, this kind of curtain is very pleasant in a bedroom because it brings a soft and soothing light. Finally the light curtain can also be diverted by acting as room separation, for example if your baby sleeps in the same room as you.

How to choose a light curtain?

In general, we can consider that the curtains which are not designated as blackout all let more or less light pass, but depending on the material and the color the result will be very different. The lightest curtains are sheer curtains and sieving curtains, they are mainly used to protect themselves from the outside gaze. If you choose light curtains in light tones, you will get attenuated natural light but if you opt for more shimmering colors, the result will be warmer and more colorful.

Original light curtains

To bring a maximum of light into your home, you naturally think of curtains but there are other solutions that are just as decorative. Thread curtains, for example, are making a comeback, they are particularly well suited for separating a room or for dressing a bay window. For a more contemporary side, think of Japanese panels. You can even alternate panels of different colors for a decorative effect. Finally, if you like the detail that changes everything, stop your choice on curtains with laser cutting. These curtains use a pattern that is cut from the fabric, an original way to bring light into the house!