Video: cutting a houseplant

Video: cutting a houseplant

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Are you one of those people who have a green thumb but who unfortunately do not have a garden to fulfill their desires? Therefore, you are forced to fall back on indoor plants ... These can still be a good compromise between gardening and decoration. It remains to be seen how to multiply your indoor plants without being constantly forced to buy them. This method is called cuttings, and is explained to us by Ophélie, gardening coach. Simple and effective, it can be used by professionals as well as amateurs, and saves you from buying seeds every time you want a room to present a new plant. Follow Ophélie's advice on video!

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Prepare your cutting

For this demonstration, Ophélie chose a plant belonging to the begonias family. But this method applies to many other flowers. The elements you need are: - your plant and the stem you have decided to take, - a glass of water, - a pruning shears, - a pot already prepared, - a transplanter or a planter. First, take your pruning shears which you will have cleaned well beforehand. Cut the chosen stem about 20 cm from the end. It's your cutting. Once you have taken the latter, it must be prepared. First, cut the leaves likely to be in contact with water when the stem is immersed in the glass. Then, cut the latter in a bevel just below a node (understand a leaf start). Immerse this rod in your glass of water. You will see roots appear after a few days.

Plant your cutting

When the roots have reached about 3 cm, you can plant them in the ground using your transplanter or your dibber. To do this, dig a small canal in the ground, and bury the plant about 5 cm. Tamp all around so that the roots are in good contact with the ground. All you have to do is monitor the development of your new plant, in particular by taking care to water it well. The earth must not be dried out or soggy. You have to find the middle ground. You now know how to cut a houseplant. Thanks to Ophélie's advice, you will no longer be forced to buy seeds every time you want a new plant. Do not hesitate to adopt this method to flower your entire house! Find How to cut a houseplant on Produced by Minute Facile.