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Decorative ideas for displaying dishes

Decorative ideas for displaying dishes

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The Maison & Objet trade fair laid the decorative theme for the start of the new school year: uniqueness. No more uniformity and interiors that all look alike, it's time to differentiate yourself by personalizing your home as much as possible. In her notebook "Private Obsessions", the trend hunter Elizabeth Leriche has staged collections of unique, rare, original, unexpected, sometimes mundane pieces but which have the art of singularizing the house. Among them, we retain the exposure of the dishes. Out of the cupboards, the most beautiful pieces transform the decor of the kitchen or living room. Presentation in two lessons.

Display dishes on wall shelves

Wisely aligned vertically on one or more wall shelves, the most beautiful plates stand out and in addition, they are close at hand in record time. All styles are allowed provided that a specific theme is respected. A collection of colorful plates of different sizes arranged in an unstructured way will energize the walls with fantasy, but we can also present them by color on each shelf, like a wall chart. Beautiful vintage plates mottled according to flea markets will bring a retro air to the decor. Without forgetting that the shelves have the advantage of accommodating accessories other than plates. Who would say simple tinted glasses exposed side by side would become a subtle game of transparency sublimating the room?

Raising dishes on the walls

The other possibility for staging the dishes is to hang them on the wall using metal or spring hooks. Random or in a row, the choice is yours! You can for example form a circle, a square or simply a line of plates to dress a wall with elegance. Bolder, a farandole of asymmetrically suspended plates will wake up the decor. To give you an idea, plates alternating step by step from the floor to the ceiling as if they were climbing along the wall, will be of the most beautiful effect at the entrance of the kitchen or in the corner of a room, until then without interest. We can also bet on an abstract composition in the center of an anything but linear wall: here, different styles and sizes of plates arranged at different heights mix to form a very artistic cloud.